Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue

Rescue, Rehabilitation, Release, Adoption.

Current Volunteers ( 0 )

WFRR seeks local volunteers for short to long term fostering, occasional pickup of donated supplies in the DFW area for anyone routinely going that way, and someone to occasionally assist with rehabilitation and medical procedures. Interested persons may direct email to the address on the contact page.

Volunteers must be reliable, have transportation, and have the ability to house reptiles in secure and stress free environments (for foster volunteers), as well as be willing to make time for special needs cases that may require daily treatments. Experience with reptiles preferred, but medical or significant small animal experience is acceptable.
Due to past problems with reliability and maturity of younger volunteers, only 25 and older will now be considered.

Current Guests (68)

This list does not typically include some transient cases, which are here for a few days

3 Horned Lizards (Most surrendered after being purchased at reptile shows on the east coast. Sanctuary cases.)  

10 Red Eared Sliders

5 Painted Turtles (SPCA rescues)

3 River Cooters (Rehabilitation for hit by car.)

42 Yellow Bellied Sliders and Cooters (SPCA rescues) Released 4/12.

2 Green Iguanas

1 Male Blue Bar Racing Pigeon (Rehabilitation, found lost, dehydrated, and emaciated in Wichita Falls - originally from Lubbock)

1 Female Eastern Cottontail Rabbit (Rehabilitation for emaciation, infection, parasites, and car collision trauma.) Scheduled for Release approx 6/12

1 Bullsnake (Displaced/loss of habitat due to development - educational animal)

1 Massasauga Rattlesnake (Rehabilitation for emaciation and dehydration) Scheduled for Release approx. 6/12

5 Adult Eastern Ratsnakes

4 Baby Eastern x Great Plains Ratsnakes  (Mother was taken in temporarily as a relocation case and laid eggs before release) 6 Previously Released 6/6/12

1 Albino Great Plains Ratsnake (Captive bred/surrendered pet - educational animal)

1 Six-Lined Racerunner (female - attacked by "house cat") Released Summer 2011

1 Fire Bellied Toad  (SPCA rescue)

1 Male Hispid Cotton Rat (orphan-his mother killed by highway mowers.)

1 Female Hispid Cotton Rat (found orphaned and rescued as a neonate within 2ft. of a rattlesnake that possibly killed her mother) Scheduled for Release approx. 6/12

3 Deer Mice (Their mother gave birth to them inside the house and I discovered them after running her away, and they came out hungry.) 2 Released, 1 deceased after giving birth to 3 litters of her own.

1 Male Deer Mouse (one neurological damage, unreleasable. One orphaned juvenile, scheduled for release 6/12.) Orphaned Juvenile Released 6/12

3 Merriam's Pocket Mice (mother was captured as rehabilitation case during drought and gave birth to 2 babies.) Scheduled for release 6/12

1 Baby Leopard Gecko (Rehab for broken leg-surrendered pet who was returned to the store for a refund.)

1 Male Budgerigar (permanent resident) Deceased early 2012 at 5 yrs. old.