Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue

Rescue, Rehabilitation, Release, Adoption.

You may direct donations to us through PayPal at the following address:


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How Can You Help?

Donate supplies or funds

WFRR is continually in short supply of funding and has high use of supplies such as paper towels, syringes, surgical gloves, and medications. Everything helps.*

Volunteer to foster an animal

We can always use more hands to help foster some cases which need little or no rehabilitative care. Most injured cases are kept at the rescue, but we often take in those that need only minimal supportive care or re-homing. These cases can be fostered out to willing volunteers in their homes. If you would like to foster a needy reptile in your home, please contact us by email with your qualifications. Must be comfortable fostering snakes or any other reptile species when asked. Foster Volunteers must live within WF area.

Sponsor an animal

 If you are unable to foster in your home, you may contribute supplies and funds toward a particular animal you would like to sponsor.

Educate others about what you learn

 Perhaps the most important thing visitors to this site can do, is tell others about what you learned here of conservation and respect for reptiles! Spread the word.

Help Us Help Them!

*Due to the risk of exotic animal or medical supply theft, or unannounced drop off of animals (dumping) the address to the rescue will no longer be public information. This policy is for the safety and welfare of personnel and the animals we care for. Donations of supplies can be arranged for pick up locally. Monetary donations online can be contributed via PayPal to the address above, or by emailing us for other options. Thank you.

Why aren't we 501c3?

Make no mistake, this rescue is not for profit. This rescue is run from my home and most human luxuries are absent here. There is not even cable or satellite TV here. Who has time to watch TV anyway with so many animals to care for?
You can't rescue and treat wild animals and come out ahead. I do it because it is a passion. I care about wild animals who have nobody else to rely on when they are hurt. People who contribute to my work do so because they believe in what I do...not because it is a tax deduction for them.

That said, one of the reasons we don't have a "federal non profit tax status", is that such IRS paperwork is burdensome and the process is tedious and lengthy. You may liken it to trying to apply for Social Security disability or any number of other things one might apply to a government agency for. I frankly don't have the time or inclination at this point to hassle with a federal agency. Animal care already takes up 7 or more hours of my day. I'm doing good to get sleep and get all else taken care of.

A second good reason we are not 501c3 is that the filing fee for federal non-profit status costs $800! So, only the well-to-do animal rescue groups or national societies could afford to throw such money at the IRS. If I have an extra $800 lying around, it's not going to the IRS to file for a tax status...it would go to buy new housing, supplies, or medications!

The third and final reason, is that a federal 501c3 label from the IRS means nothing! That's right. The IRS non-profit label can't give you ethics you didn't already possess to begin with. Some of the biggest crooks out there are running "non-profits" these days. In fact, running a 501c3 has become one of the most lucrative rackets there ever was. Having a label from the IRS doesn't really say anything. It just allows you to make your contribution "tax deductible". If your contribution is motivated primarily by a need to find a tax deduction, rather than an honest contribution because you care about what we do here, then keep looking. If the words and pictures on this site don't encourage you to donate in confidence about what the donations are used for here, then nothing will convince you. I can't be any more real than that.