Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue

Rescue, Rehabilitation, Release, Adoption.


* Allow at least 10 business days (2 weeks) before inquiring about your order. Gathering activities are weather dependent. That means not only rainy or cold weather, but excessive summer heat. Ants are not above ground when surface temperatures are too high or too low. Typically orders will ship within the week, but this is not a given. Gathering live ants from the wild is not the same as having a warehouse cricket or mealworm breeding operation. Only a queen ant can produce more ants, and queens are not simple to find. Ants must be gathered from the wild after orders come in. This also ensures they are fresh when shipped.

* During times of high order volume, adverse weather, or winter, your order may take 2 weeks or more to be filled. See the weather advisory (if any) on the main order page for current status.

* Live orders are typically shipped Mon-Wed. during Summer months unless you live within 1 day transit zone, or have paid for Express mail service.

* Express mail option carries a minimum $25 charge. Express mail service gets your order to you faster, AFTER it has been shipped. It does not speed up order processing time or move you to the front of the line. Ants will still have to be gathered, which means it may still be a few days before they are shipped. Once shipped, they will transit at Express Mail speed, rather than the First Class option which is included with the normal price.  

* Priority Mail is generally 2-3 business days to most locations. This is not a guarantee of the delivery day. This is estimated transit time.

* Tracking is offered free only for Priority and Express Mail. For First Class Mail, include $1 more if you wish to have tracking.

I do not sell queens, and I do not give recommendations where to buy queens.

* I do not sell Horned Lizards, and I do not give recommendations where to buy Horned Lizards.

*Ants ship to N. America or anywhere you are able to import them. Shipping charges listed are for US only. Please do not email me asking if I can ship to your country. I will ship where ever you pay for them to go, but it's up to you to check your own importation laws. International orders will only be shipped by expedited service (FedEx Global Priority etc.) but I make no guarantees on international shipments whether customs will allow you to have them. I have shipped to Europe in the past via FedEx Global Express without problems, but again, I make no guarantees except that I will ship them as addressed if you pay for it.


Because these are LIVE insects and the actions which may or may not be taken on the part of the receiver or the delivery service may result in loss, I will not be personally be responsible for losses occurring once the shipment is out of my hands, addressed as requested, and due diligence done in my packing unless you have paid shipping insurance. Shipping insurance (for purposes of making a replacement claim for lost or DOA orders) can only be requested or paid out under one of the following two conditions:

  • Express Mail with signature confirmation on first delivery attempt
  • PO Box deliveries

Insurance will no longer be offered on shipments to your home address EXCEPT for Express Mail, and if it was received on the first attempt at delivery. This is because a box of live ants cannot be guaranteed to still be alive after riding around all day in the back of a postal delivery vehicle, and Express Mail is the only service that USPS will expedite the home delivery. If you request delivery to a PO Box address, then the ants are likely to remain in climate control and safe until pick up. But, in 8 years of operation, we have had to handle less than a dozen claims for lost or DOA orders, even to home addresses.

Returns and Replacement 

If your shipment does not arrive, or arrives DOA, and you have not paid for insurance on the shipment - I am not responsible. Once I have paid postage and put the order in the mail, I've completed my obligation as a merchant and it's in the hands of a federal employee.

If you live in an area which is rural and experiences late residential delivery, or it is quite warm in your region, it is your responsibility to obtain a PO box when receiving live insects. I offer the cheaper first class home delivery option to you, but in exchange, the risk of the shipment is all yours. It is not my responsibility to continue to provide replacements, at my cost, to a location that is sub-optimal for delivery of live insects in the first place, such as to curbside easy-bake ovens.
If you HAVE paid for shipping insurance, and your order arrives DOA, you must return the ants in original vials for verification to have the order exchanged. There is no replacement without return. This is to prevent fraudulent claims. No refunds on DOA claims! Exchange only! Return shipping will be credited as extra ants.

Canceled Orders

Canceled orders are subject to the following cancellation fees:
1000ct. order - $5 cancellation fee
500ct. order  - $3 cancellation fee

By placing the order, you are accepting the foregoing terms, in their entirety. Your failure to read them does not release you from these terms.