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Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue


Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue is now an approved sponsoring organization for animal control officer continuing education, per Ch. 829 of the Texas Health and Safety Code. WFRR will soon be offering a course based on the this outline.


"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."  ~St. Francis of Assisi


Your donations are, as always, desperately needed to help pay for food costs, veterinary care, medications, and basic supplies.

 Please help us help them.

See the list of supplies WFRR is regularly in need of HERE.

    "Why should man expect his prayer for mercy to be heard by what is above him when he shows no mercy to what is under him?"  ~Pierre Troubetzkoy

     What We Do

    Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue is, first and foremost, a reptile education and care advisory center. In this way we hope that we can prevent many animals from needing to be rescued or re-homed in the first place. WFRR is experienced with many different species of native and exotic lizards, turtles, tortoises, and snakes - including venomous snakes. We can advise you about a variety of captive care or local habitat concerns, and are available to speak to the public about the study and conservation of reptiles in the wild. We also have experience with squirrels and rabbits, and with some domestic birds. We can assist in emergencies with these and many other animals, or direct you to another appropriate rescue group or rehabilitator who can help.

    While education is an important part of what we do, Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue is not merely an organization which asks for money to spread "awareness". We are also "doers", and we provide temporary to permanent sanctuary, medical care, and adoption to needy reptiles of many species. We strive to provide assistance to any reptile that is in need within reason and the bounds of our ability, housing, and funding. We are all volunteers and do this without pay or official funding from anyone. It's all done on donations. Most of this comes from our own pockets.

    We can usually take injured wild reptiles at any time. For otherwise needy reptiles that are native, or found/unknown origin, we will take the animal as soon as possible and assess it for either treatment/sanctuary or release back in the wild. We will respond to calls as soon as possible for removal of venomous snakes within a few miles of Wichita Falls (subject to our availability at that time). Any farther than a few miles from us, and the snake is not likely to still be there by the time we get on scene.     

    For all but the smallest of pet reptiles, we may require you to maintain the animal yourself during the rehoming search. In those cases where we can't immediately take a former pet, we will put pictures up on our website and list the animal for adoption. We will receive adoption applications and screen for suitable new caretakers. We will require all setup equipment with the animal be turned over with it, such as: tank, lighting, heaters, caves, dishes, etc.  

    Please be advised, we are not a drop off service for your unwanted pet that has grown like it should and you did not properly plan for. Taking in your pet is a service we provide on a case by case basis. This is based on the individual situation, the species involved, and whether we have space available. Whether you offer a donation or not has something to do with our ability to make space as well. It costs us money, and not many people offer a dime when asking us to take in their animal. Please be considerate of that. Our adoption fees can't begin to scratch the surface in most cases for what we have spent for the care of these animals. Even if we can't take in your animal here, we are happy to list it for adoption to get the word out.


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